• Myles Shin

Today I Created... My Project Timelines

Geez. I have a lot on my plate, but I like the challenge. This summer, I am going to work on a bunch of projects to produce value. I want to make sure that my life is full of purpose and that I am going to use it to help those around me. To make sure my projects go along as planned, I created these timelines so, this way, I make myself accountable for what I say I am going to do. I am really motivated right now to make change and I am so excited. I literally can't stop talking about the projects I am doing and I spend my entire day on them. I am going to be really busy for the next few weeks, but I like it this way. It gives me something to work forward to. If I didn't have specific deadlines, I would just be pushing the project back further and further all the way to incompletion. Below are the current timelines I have made. There are more to come.