• Myles Shin

Today I Experienced a 7.1 Earthquake

This is insane. First a 6.6 on July 4th, now a 7.1 the day after. I know we are way overdue for the Big One, but still. Two big earthquakes two days in a row? That is pretty crazy. This one felt a lot longer than the last and much stronger. For this earthquake, I was in my room sitting in my chair doing work. All of a sudden, my chair started to bob. Maybe it was because I was getting excited while listening to music? Nope. That's what I thought at first until I sat there silently for a few seconds until I realized that it was another big earthquake. I stayed paralyzed in my seat trying to analyze what was happening. I tried to make sure that I would be out of range of any falling objects, which I was. So, I just sat in my seat in high alert as I waited out the earthquake. My photo frames on the wall were wiggling along the wall and I realized, oh shoot it's much bigger than one from yesterday. There was no damage done in my neighborhood, thankfully, but it was pretty scary to think that there was another earthquake. It feels like another one could be coming any day now.