• Myles Shin

Today I Experienced... The Oasis

This was one of the best experiences I have had. Ever. I was able to set up a pop-up shop for the homeless and we had over 6000 items that were available to give away. It was an amazing experience. I was one of the personal shoppers who helped the homeless find all the items they wanted and gave them advice. Not only did it feel rewarding, but I got to know some of the people on a personal level. There is such a big stigma surrounding the homeless and how they are just, dirty, crazy, drug addicts that failed in life.

This is simply not the truth. Yes, there are people like that, and I did encounter those types of people today. On the other hand, though, there were so many sweet people and were very down to earth. They were a little bit on the crazy side, but they were still really nice and I loved having genuine conversations with them. I got to meet this lady named Adel who was telling me all about her life and what she did to get there. She gave me advice on what to do and what to avoid based on her experiences and it was really eye-opening. She was just a nice person who needed some caring. I also got to know the people around me a little more and got to make new friends. There are so many nice people out there in the world that need help, and the Oasis was just our way of helping them.