• Myles Shin

Today... I Experienced The Oasis - Leimert Park

This was the second time . I was a part of The Oasis and it was even better than the first one. Leimert Park is a predominantly black community and so we expected to be out of our comfort zone. However, we just set up our free pop-up shop booth and they immediately took us in as a part of their community. Leimert Park was like no other; I have never experienced anything like it before. The unity of the community and just how everyone enjoyed everyone else's presence was beautiful. Everyone was basically family and got along well.

The Oasis itself was a success too. We set up over 20 racks and tables worth of clothing supplies and hygiene products. People from all across the town were coming to the annual festival and they all stopped by the pop-up shop. There were tons of free items and everyone loved it. It felt good to give back to the Leimert Park community and just see their faces light up.

We had hundreds of clothing items and hundreds of hygiene products, and 50+ plus backpacks fully stocked with school supplies. On top of this, there were hundreds of drinks and over a thousand bananas. The Oasis was a one stop shop where people could stop and pick up whatever they want. This Oasis was different because it was meant for the Leimert Park community, not the homeless like the first one was. I wouldn't trade my experience for anything else.

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