• Myles Shin

Today I Learned... About Amazon's Robot Workers

Today is Amazon Prime Day, basically the Black Friday of July to mark Amazon's birthday. I literally bought $100 worth of items at midnight, right when the deals came out. This led me to being curious about how they would be able to fulfill this influx of orders. The thing is, they are struggling. Their human workers are getting angry and are protesting about their lack of rights. Amazon needs their human workers because their robots are nowhere near complex enough to take over the entire packing industry. The human workers still dominate the factory and will be needed for a long time for things like pulling out broken or malformed items.

Human workers for Amazon aren't going away anytime soon. For example, the car industry there has been automated work for decades, but yet there are still plenty of humans working in the factories. This is what will probably happen in Amazon's packing facilities. It is crazy to think that the world is becoming so robot and AI orientated and I barely see it in the outside world. I know about it, yes, but I never really think about how it is being applied. Nonetheless, all of this still very threatening to those who perform basic jobs because they will get their jobs taken over in the future. But on the other hand, it marks the beginning of an era that is highly efficient.


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