• Myles Shin

Today I Learned... About Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson is the United Kingdom's next president and people are running around in terror. Johnson is known to be Islamophobic, racist, and sexist among other things. He is the former mayor of London and former member of the Parliament, so he does have some experience in this realm.

However, then why does everyone think he’s a joke and is going to ruin the UK? Easy. He is very Conservative and is part of an unpopular party. He is pro Brexit and thinks it will secure Britain’s borders.The thing is, with Boris Johnson, he has made a huge promise that he probably won’t be able to keep. He said he will get Brexit to come into fruition within the next 100 days. But can he? The EU said they will not negotiate with Britain and Britain collectively agreed they won’t leave without negotiations. Johnson is the middle man is stuck between two opposite forces pulling him in either direction; he won’t last long.


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