• Myles Shin

Today I Learned... About California's Homelessness Crisis

Walk down the streets of Los Angeles, and it is quite obvious that there is a huge homelessness population, not only in Los Angeles, but in all of California. Compared to the homeless population in New York, it is overwhelmingly large. New York has a law that was implemented to try to shrink the homeless population. This law gives temporary shelter to anyone who wants it, even if all the homeless shelters are full. Then, New York is responsible for getting the people things like hotel rooms and motel rooms. Because of this, there are only 4,000 people living on the streets officially in New York.

With a city this big and home to so many citizens, it is astonishing how low this number is. The only problem with this is that it costs New York City almost $150 million a year. This is a very expensive and not really sustainable forever. It requires everyone else to have to pay considerably higher taxes in a place where the cost of living is already so high. However, what New York is doing is very revolutionary and other cities need to see if doing something like this is feasible for them, even if it starts off with just a little.


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