• Myles Shin

Today I Learned... About Cheating on the SAT

I was on Vice, a news website, and something that really caught my attention was this article about a student helping a friend cheat on the SAT. It all took place in a rural city in New Jersey where the rules there are lax. She got her friends to make sure that her and her friend ( that she was going to help cheat) got the same exact test form. Then, she would just raise up her answer sheet so her friend could see it behind her. She helped her friend raise her SAT score by more than 600 points. This is kind of crazy to think how easy it is to cheat the system of standardized testing. Standardized testing is a good metric of a person's ability to learn scholastic information, in my opinion, but cheating messes up the system. The SAT is a good supplementary piece of information that could be used to determine a person's intelligence, but not the main focus of it. There needs to be more regulation to make sure that the SAT can actually show a person's level of intelligence and try to predict how they will do in the future.


Kantrowitz, Lia, and Allie Conti. “I Helped My Friend Cheat on Her SATs and I Would Do It Again.” Vice, VICE, 6 May 2019,