• Myles Shin

Today I Learned... About Elizabeth Warren's Potential Gun Ban

Elizabeth Warren is doing whatever she can to stop gun violence after the two major shootings that took place in the past few weeks. She seems to have several viable solutions that could actually be a major factor in finding the solution to the issue. Warren wants to expand background checks first and foremost. This is a perfect place to start because people’s histories are indicative of their future intentions with guns. If someone has a very murky track history, it would be beneficial to everyone to either deny that person a gun license or to at least make the person prove that he/she has no malicious intent.

On top of this, the main focus of her plan would be to target the gun sellers and gun licensers who don’t obey the law. Most of the dangerous users get their guns through illegal ways and this would stem the number of guns going into the black market. By making it harder to obtain and hold a gun, it has been proven by data that gun violence goes down. This is why Warren is pushing to make it harder to obtain a gun. Gun regulation is definitely needed and this is a very good step in the right direction. Especially with all of the shootings going on lately, we need to collectively try to stop this issue.


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