• Myles Shin

Today I Learned... About Functional Design... Rather the Lack of It

Our world is filled with tons of things that have been tested and tested over again to come up with the perfect, innovative design. But, there are a lot of things aren’t quite so innovative. In a world where we value physical design over form and function. Recently, when I was watching a Vox video about the inefficiency of some designs like the “standing bench” and “door designs”. The standing bench, for example, is meant so homeless people don’t sleep on it. However, it is more of just a leaning bar than an actual place for people to sit on. What if the elderly or disabled needs a place to actually sit down? What happens then?

It doesn’t make sense to make leaning bars when we could just make benches. But even worse than that, there are doors that have handles on both sides. This is called Norman door, where there is no clear intention of the design. If there are handles on both sides, then how is a person to know to push/pull unless there is a sign? This should not be how things are designed. They should be designed with the intent of easy-use, not by making it look “fancy.”


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