• Myles Shin

Today I Learned... About The Amazon's Wildfire

No. Not the big tech company. The Amazon as in the world's largest rainforest in the world. The Amazon provides over 20% of the world's oxygen supply and this situation has been dubbed a world crisis. Something as wet as the Amazon doesn't typically burn as it is right now. The main causes of the fires are farmers lighting it up on purpose and accidents by humans.

Farmers are burning this land trying to get more land available for farming. How dumb is this? We already overproduce food so much food in the world; we don't need to be destroying trees to make more. To start burning down one of the biggest supplies of oxygen in the world for this? Quite frankly, it doesn't make too much sense to me, especially with the air quality already being quite lackluster in major cities. Oxygen is something that we need to survive; we don't need excess food.


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