• Myles Shin

Today I Learned... About the Central Park 5

Growing up as an Asian American, I always thought that I have always been on the butt-end of racism. I was wrong. While I do face some minor forms of racism, it is nothing like what they Central Park 5 went through. There were five teenage men of minority backgrounds, four of them being black. They all served more than seven years in jail for something that they did not do. The crazy thing is, though, that there was not even any evidence against them that proved them guilty. The DNA tests came back negative and they had no idea about what was going on when they were being interrogated. It is absurd to think that living in the modern world, in a first world country, something like this could happen, albeit it being in 1989. Through researching this topic, it really opened my eyes to just how prevalent discrimination was thirty years ago. And it is still around today.


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