• Myles Shin

Today I Learned About... the Flint's Water Crisis

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan began over 5 years ago. People started to notice the metallic taste and the rashes it caused in 2014. It was discovered that the water was filled with rust and that it was extremely unhealthy. However, the officials at Flint pretended to be oblivious to this and continued to pretend like all was well. All was not well. To try to help those who couldn't get clean water, there were churches handing out bottled water to them. However, bottled water is expensive and is hard to get hands on it for many people.

There is hope though. Recently, the city stated how they were going to look over the 30,000 pipes for rust and replace them. While they have been doing this, they are nowhere near done with inspecting all the pipes. It is a good start, there is still lot of to be done. This is a step in the right direction so eventually Flint will get out of the water crisis. When this will be, it is unclear.

I never knew that things like this was going on around the world, especially not in the United States. To hear that this has been going on for five years was mind blowing to me. I hope that this never happens anywhere else because water is a necessity to live. For people to not have access to something necessary to live that is insane. This happening at a first world country is unheard of. This water crisis was really eye opening to everyone around the country, including me.


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