• Myles Shin

Today I Learned... About The Hack in Bulgaria

A 20 year old man single handedly hacked into the Bulgarian network of tax authority and got private information for over 5 million Bulgarian citizens. It was over 21 total gigabytes of information and the prime minister said that the hacker was some form of a "wizard". However, it was just that Bulgaria's security was just lackadaisical. The government should have caught on and he should not have been able to extract the data he did because he just performed a simple SQL injection attack that should've been easily detected. This hacker was obviously an amateur because he left so much evidence behind him that he was immediately tracked down by the Bulgarian government, but not until after he extracted all of the information.

Bulgaria needs to update their security and make sure this never happens again. What I got out of this was that there is nothing that is "unhackable", just something that would take a long time to hack. To hack a government's security should be near impossible and it makes me nervous that it could happen here. Sure, the US has much better security, but it still puts that drop of doubt in my head.

Sources: The MIT Download email