• Myles Shin

Today I Learned... About the ICE Raids

Today, July 29, 2019, the US has started its ICE raids, deporting those who don't have citizenship.. This only came to my attention once I saw a big group of protestors walking around with large signs that said ICE was bad. Then, I started to see it all over my Instagram feed of what to do if ICE comes knocking on my door. Because of this, I went online to learn about it more. Apparently the ICE raids were supposed to happen in June, but was pushed back until now to get the immigration legislation right. The scary thing about ICE is that they will probably separate families and they have not commented about it. What people are trying to do about this is amazing. We need to spread awareness because ICE isn't allowed to enter homes without permission. However, many people don't know this. Those in danger need to know this so they don't do anything rash.


Resto-Montero, Gabriela. “What We Know about ICE's Planned Major City Deportation Raids.” Vox, Vox, 14 July 2019,