• Myles Shin

Today I Learned... About the Necessity of Showering

As a normal human being, I shower everyday. Ever since I was a little kid, this is what I was taught to do. I always knew it was to make my body clean and make sure I don't smell. But what are the actual side effects of not showering? Not showering for a long period of time obviously would make you smell. Bacteria multiplies quickly and showering helps get rid of the bacteria. If we didn't shower everyday, then all the dead skin would accumulate and could form little brown clumps. Also showering protects us from infections and fungus that would otherwise penetrate our skin. There would also be a build up of dandruff on the scalp, making it really uncomfortable. Acne would cover the body and the groin area could become really itchy and inflamed.

What to take out of this? Well, showering is definitely important and has been a huge step in helping with life longevity to the human society as a whole. Before, in the Middle Ages, people didn't have frequent access to clean showers to bathe in. This is why people would just spray themselves with perfume to mask the smell, but all of the filthy bacteria was smothered over them. Looking back at these times proves how thankful we should be for the commodities that we enjoy today and not fret about not having certain items. Compared to those before us, we live a very comfortable life and we should be grateful for it.


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