• Myles Shin

Today I Learned... About the NFL's Debacle

The NFL is in turmoil. Normally, I write about things relevance to the world or politics, but this is so important that I can’t just skim over this. I do love sports, but there are just so many more important things we need to worry about other than that one a troublemaking athlete. The NFL players usually stay out of trouble and don’t have this type of ego and feeling of endowment to them. However, Antonio Brown feels differently. He’s causing so much trouble now that I am afraid it might be a precedent for this type of trouble-making in the NFL. First, he sat out the last game of the season when he was a Steeler when this game was crucial in determining whether or not they would make it to the playoffs. Then during the off-season, he complains about how his quarterback, Big Ben, was a bad leader and how AB didn’t want to be a part of the organization anymore. This is coming from a former 6th round pick, someone who became the best wide receiver out of nowhere from hard work and his insane work ethic.

Yet, even though he came from humble beginnings, he is now so self-centered. He requested a trade and now is a part of the Oakland Raiders organization. They even restructured his deal and gave him $30 million dollars guaranteed; he had no more guaranteed money left on the Steelers. Now, he is saying that if he doesn’t get to use his old helmet (NFL doesn’t allow players to wear helmets over 10 years old), then he will retire and not play football anymore. He is being really self-centered and spoiled and won’t get paid 20 million a year to play a sport he loves. With AB acting like this and getting all the demands he’s requested so far, it shows that organizations and the NFL might bend to the will of the players.

However, the Raiders have put their front foot down. They maybe are going to suspend him over the helmet issue. This means that Antonio Brown could lose all of his 60 million with the team, including the guaranteed money. If they do this that means that they could eventually cut him with only paying him his signing bonus of 1 million; the Raiders could keep the rest of their money. The Raiders need to stop this or otherwise all the other players in the NFL will start to demand for outrageous requests.


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