• Myles Shin

Today I Learned... About the Problem with Amazon's Cashless Stores

In the past year, Amazon has been experimenting with cashless stores where shoppers could walk in and walk out without having to wait in line to pay. Amazon tested this out by creating their first location in Seattle where the cameras would track the shoppers and automatically draw out the money from their account. Amazon has stated that they want to have upwards of a couple thousand locations within the next five years. However, cashless stores poses a problem for people with lower income. They do not just have the luxury to pay in credit or other digital forms. So, many cities and states have started to ban cashless stores including Philadelphia.

Cashless stores are a good step in the right direction as the fourth industrial revolution is slowly creeping up. However, since we are not there yet, it does make sense that states are banning cashless stores. Amazon is trying to be an early adopter of this new way of shopping, but it may be a little too soon. Amazon should have started off with stores that accepted both cash and cashless payment.


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