• Myles Shin

Today I Learned... About the US and Mexico Deal to Avoid the Tariff

Last week, I researched about the tariff war between the US and Mexico and how the US would enact a tariff, starting at 5%, on June 10th if the Mexicans didn’t do anything to stem the flow of immigrants coming into the US. Well, both sides have come to an agreement and have avoided the tariff; both governments will work together to stop immigration. Last month, over 150,000 immigrants were taken in custody for going over the border into the United States. I think the United States should have handled this in a much more diplomatic way instead of bullying Mexico into trying to stop migration across the border, but I am glad that it is all done. If the sides couldn’t have come to a conclusion, then there would have been a huge problem. Our economy was very unstable during this time period of negotiation and, hopefully, it will go back to normal now that both sides have come to terms.


Rascoe, Ayesha. “Trump: U.S., Mexico Reach Deal To Avoid New Tariffs.” NPR, NPR, 8 June 2019,