• Myles Shin

Today I Learned... About Trump's Immigration Law with Mexico

Our president of the United States has enacted possibly one of the worst laws in the history of the United States. Trump is going to enact a 5% tariff on Mexico goods on June 10 unless the Mexicans do anything to stop immigration into the United States. But how do these two things correlate? They don’t. Trump is hoping that this threat to the Mexican government will make them do something to stop immigration. The plan is to make the tariff rise all the way to 25% if the Mexican government continues to stay idle and not do anything about the immigration issue. The thing is, though, that the US economy can’t even outlast this tariff. With the tariff war with China being as big as it is, our economy can’t handle another tariff war with a country as big as Mexico.

This tariff war with Mexico is completely unnecessary and doesn’t even make sense to have. Our economy relies on foreign markets way more than we do for the domestic market and these tariffs would almost shut down all business with those countries. It needs to end and we need to mend relationships with Mexico and China.


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