• Myles Shin

Today I Learned... About Trump's Wall

"Build a wall," said Trump. He has shown hatred towards Mexican immigrants and wants to keep them out. He talks about how they are so vile and disruptive to our economy and how we need to get rid of them. So his idea was to build a wall and get a way to stop the immigrants from migrating to the United States. While it could stem the flow of immigrants and drugs from entering the United States, its cons heavily outweigh the pros. It would cost around fifty billion dollars to make the wall for the entire United States. Also as a country that promotes democracy and as a beacon to all, it would not be a good look for the country.

We need to be a good example to other countries and not block ourselves off from the rest of the world. Having Donald Trump as our president already puts a target on our backs and us building a wall does not make the situation any better. We can not have someone like Donald Trump run around with full autonomy to do whatever he wants with the country. This wall is too costly and we can't afford this. We are already in twenty two trillion dollars of debt and can't take on this debt too.


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