• Myles Shin

Today I Learned... About Uber's Helicopter Service

Uber, the carpool giant, has recently announced that they will be starting a helicopter service system. Their "Ubercopter" will start in Manhattan and will take an 8 minute flight to JFK for a total of $200 per person. Uber is bringing the future to us. But actually, is it? Many argue that it isn't. With more people and more people becoming concerned with global warming, they are getting worried about how bad Uber's helicopters would be for the environment. Helicopters have similar engines to one in airplanes and they release way more carbon fuels than cars do.

When I heard about the Ubercopter this morning, I was shell shocked. I didn't think they would do this because it would be so expensive and doesn't make too much sense. It probably is a lot quicker than taking a car to JFK, but it still doesn't make a lot of financial sense to do it. However, it is good though that Uber trying new things to change our world for the better, or the worse.


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