• Myles Shin

Today I Learned... About Venezuela's Internet Situation

The country of Venezuela is trying to stop on overthrow of the government. They heard that there was going to be a military uprising and is going to some unethical measures in order to do so. Venezuela is technically a "federal presidential republic", but it is really just a dictatorship because the "president", Nicolas Maduro, controls both state and government. The current government blocked social media, internet, and television access from its citizens so they could not be informed of the current situation. Some people were able to get information through Whatsapp, but there is a lot of misinformation floating through the air due to the lack of widespread information.

The Venezuela government should not be able to do this. The government is supposed to run for the people, not block their access to certain stuff. I believe the United Nations should step in and do something because the citizens of Venezuela are getting stripped of their rights. They should be able to check the internet and gather information to see what side they want to support. Venezuela is running its country unfairly and it needs to change.


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