• Myles Shin

Today I Learned... About YouTube vs. Steven Crowder

Steven Crowder, a YouTuber with over 3.8 million subscribers, just got all of his videos demonetized. He has reportedly harassed Carlos Maza, a Latino gay reporter for Vox, Crowder's channel is primarily based around politics who has called Maza an "angry little queer" and "gay Mexican". Recently, Maza started to complain and try to shed more light on what was happening. This led to YouTube into digging deeper into this. They originally made an announcement saying that they would not do anything about this situation because Crowder did not violate any rules. Later, they followed up on this statement by saying that Crowder's actions were egregious and they would demonetize his videos. I don't think that he should have gotten his channel demonetized but have gotten a community strike on his video. What he did definitely should have negative repercussions, but I think what YouTube did was a little bit too harsh, especially since he didn't violate any of their rules.


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