• Myles Shin

Today I Learned... Ivanka Trump's Hypocrisy Regarding White Privilege

After the two mass shootings, Ivanka Trump, President Trump's daughter, felt the need to go on Twitter and talk about how white supremacy is a form of terrorism and needs to be stopped. Yes, what she said is 100% true. But how can she say this when she hasn't done anything to stop this? As the daughter of a racist, white supremacist president, she has done nothing to tame or even curb his mouth.

Donald Trump is a known racist and it's been clear even way back when he falsely condemned the Central Park 5 and claimed that the death penalty needed to be brought back for them, even when there was 0 proof of them being guilty (they were actually indeed innocent). Now, President Trump is known as "that one guy" who refers to Mexicans as rapists invading our country. How can a president talk down to a whole race like this? Ivanka has done nothing to try to stop her father, one of the sole contributors to this issue.

And not only this, how would she know what it's like to be a victim to white supremacy? She grew up in a family household worth over 3 billion as a white girl in a rich, white neighborhood. If she wants to prove this wrong , then she needs to do HER part and take action, not just comment on the topic at hand.


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