• Myles Shin

Today I Learned... Prisons Are Banning Tech Books

People who are stuck in prisons don't have much to look forward to. All they get to do is sit in their cells for the entire day and eat meals. Books are one of their few sources that allow them to understand what is going on in the outside world. They need to be able to read up on certain vocational skills that they need to get a job, so they will be ready once they get out of prison.

But some prisons have other ideas. Recently, many prisons across the country have been banning books about technology and coding from the prisoners. Some of these banned books are justified like Black Hat Python which teaches readers the ins and outs of security breaches, but there are also books like Windows 10 for Dummies that are banned. ???? What is this? Why is this banned? Right? The prisons have said that it is because they are potential threats? These most definitely are not potential threats and are quite often something that people need to know just to get a basic office job. There is no justification behind what the prisons are doing and it needs to be fixed. It doesn't make sense and just puts the men in orange jumpsuits at an even bigger disadvantage for life.


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