• Myles Shin

Today I Received... Feedback for My App

So, recently I have spent my entire time working on coding my app on XCode, the platform to publish an app in the App Store. Learning a whole new platform by myself and API takes a long time to fully understand and I am just trying to soak in all the information. I have created my first design of the shell of the app and I got lots of feedback about it from my target group. My app, Tread Lightly, is an app that is supposed to be news for the new generation, shorter and straight to the point. My design for the app is based off Instagram's explore page because I wanted the UI to be something that people are already comfortable with. The feedback I got back was based mostly on the information itself; we need to have our own separate voice and something that makes us different from all of the other competitors. We had to reflect on this and this is what we came up with: we are short and sweet, a fresh design, and it will be in a casual language. Our generation is less formal than other generations and we want to accommodate for that. All the other competitors aren't really geared for our generation and we have niches that will attract users unlike any other.