• Myles Shin

Today I Watched... A Valedictorian Show the Horrors of Her High School

Nataly Buhr, the valedictorian of her senior class at San Ysidro High School, gave her valedictorian speech, but it was not a typical speech you would expect. Usually, valedictorian speeches are about how the school is so great and how the students are amazing. However, in this speech, Buhr criticizes the administrators, counselors, and teachers there. Buhr claimed that the administrators almost made her miss out on scholarship money, her counselor would never show up to her appointments, and one of her teachers would frequently show up to class drunk. After giving this speech, she was escorted off the stage by the police.

This really shows how corrupt some schools are and how they are not up to par. It is unacceptable for these adults to act like this. They should set a good example for the students and help them succeed in their high school career and beyond. What Buhr did was an admirable thing to do and has since gone viral. School districts need to play their parts and make sure that schools don't have people like these working at their schools.


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