• Myles Shin

Today I Watched... A Video About the $1 Million Space Pen

A million dollars? Yeah. This pen took a million dollars of funding to create. Sheeeesh. That's crazy. Why do they even need a "space pen"? It's so they could write upside down when there's zero gravity and write underwater. Is this really a big problem? I guess so. While the Soviets just used a pencil, this one man in the US went out and decided to try to design this pen. He invested a million dollars into it and now sells it for like $10 to NASA. I don’t really know if it was that big of a problem, but now both the US and Russia use this in space. The pen inside is pressurized, so when it is cut open, the ink comes oozing out.

I didn’t know that people do things like this, but I guess it solved a problem. Somewhat. The concept is cool though for sure. To design something like this must have been extremely hard and was a huge feat.


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