• Myles Shin

Today I Watched... The Most Eye-Opening TV Episode Ever

I rarely watch TV. I only watch two shows on TV (not including sports) which are Grown-ish and Battlebots. I watched the newest episode of Grown-ish, which is about Zoe Johnson, a college student at the mythical Cal U, and her hardships and stories as she experiences them. I usually watch this TV show because I find it entertaining, but this last episode was different. I was practicing math while I was watching TV, but 60 seconds in, I had to close my notebook and focus on the TV show; it was that good.

The episode kicked off with a student who was about to commit suicide. Nobody knew about it, and it shook everyone. Aaron, one of the main characters, took action and had everyone talk in a circle to try to help those who were secretly struggling with depression or other mental illnesses. After doing some research, he found out that there were only 5 counselors for all of these students. On top of this, none of the counselors were of black heritage, so the African-American students had nobody who could relate to their experience.

So, Aaron took action and went to the person in charge, in this case it was a dean, and requested for more counselors, since there were only 5 when there were so many people struggling. One of the stories he presented was that students don't really think the counseling provided is useful anyways since it takes 2 weeks to book a 15 minute appointment where the counselor does nothing. The dean responded by saying, "Sorry we don't have the funds." This angered Aaron, who responded along the lines of "Oh so Cal U has millions of dollars to build arenas for the black bodies to play in but won't spend a dime on their minds. This led to Aaron creating the movement Black Minds Matter at Cal U.

This was so inspirational for me. This is the type of thing I try to do and what I am doing right now. The whole time my jaw was hanging on the floor because I saw so many similarities between the situation Aaron and I are in. We saw a problem and we aim to tackle it. I want to be able to make a difference and that's why I am so invested in my projects (check out the projects tab on this website). I love what I do and seeing something so serious and real as mental health being tackled on a TV show was a first, at least to me.